P2PProtect.com Brings Sharing Economy to American Insurance Users

IN FOCUS: Timothy Li - Founder and CEO of Kuber Financial (Photo: Business Wire) IN FOCUS: Timothy Li - Founder and CEO of Kuber Financial (Photo: Business Wire)

Mr. Li and Mr. Loaec identified an exceptional opportunity to bring P2P Protect’s model to the US market. They decided to form a joint venture to offer a unique experience to the American users in need of fair protection from risks.

They are determined to address the pain of insurance users, seeking better treatment, and believe that P2PP’s vision of Community Risk Sharing can provide a drastically improved experience.

P2PProtect.com in the USA will work toward the delivery of such experience by building mobile and on-line platforms intended to bring together communities of users that want to share specific risks with the benefit of:

  • More transparency
  • Fairer cost
  • Fairer treatment
  • And more user empowerment.

Tang Loaec, a repeat financial business creator with a prior experience building a financial activity in Asia from scratch to $5 billion USD yearly payments, declared: "Everyone needs protection, but insurance users are crying for a fairer treatment. US users experience has been falling 10.5% in a single year according to the World Insurance Survey. P2PProtect.com will bring a unique sharing economy model to allow users to get fairer cost, fairer claim treatment and better transparency. We are here to give back a voice to those who need protection but want to take back control of it. I'm delighted to partner with Kuber Financial and Timothy Li to build an agile and user friendly response to an age long problem."

Timothy Li, founder and CEO of Kuber Financial is a well-established FinTech veteran, who has worked on multiple prominent Internet finance platforms. Recently Mr. Li was CIO of Realty Mogul, the largest real estate crowd-funding platform in the US. Mr. Li comment on the Joint Venture: "The next frontier in FinTech is insurance technology or InsurTech. For too long, consumers have been unsatisfied with their experiences with product offerings and claims process. I am excited to join hands with Tang Loaec and China's premier P2P Insurance platform TongJuBao.com to bring a new risk sharing platform, P2PProtect.com, to US."


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