Lemonade Launches in Illinois

Lemonade Launches in Illinois

Lemonade, the peer-to-peer insurance company powered by artificial intelligence and behavioural economics, has been licensed as a full insurance carrier by the State of Illinois.

Home renters in the state can now buy a Lemonade policy in seconds using the Lemonade app or by visiting lemonade.com. Homeowner policies will be available in the state soon.

Nationwide expansion is a top priority for Lemonade, which claims hundreds of thousands of requests from around the country, and the world.

The company has filed for licences in 47 states, aiming to reach 97% of the US population in 2017.

With Lemonade, buying insurance is done through an app and Lemonade takes a flat fee.

Ian Youngman, author of "Peer2Peer Insurance" comments, "It has huge national ambitions and the jury is out as to whether it will provide sweet refreshment for investors or a sour taste. Tech based health insurers have failed to capture market share and have lost investors huge amounts of money. But for other insurers for home owners and renters, Lemonade will have to drive down premiums in a market with thin margins as that is the only way it will grow big quickly. Customers may not grasp that money saved from not claiming does not go back to the customer, but to a charity chosen by the insurer and not by the customer-and like all insurers, the first to be paid is the insurer."

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Ian Youngman is an insurance writer and researcher who has published many market reports.

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