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P2P Insurance News

Wells Fargo to Offer Real-Time P2P Payments to 17 Million Mobile Customers

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) has announced that it will soon make real-time person-to-person (P2P) transactions available to its more than 17 million mobile customers in the United States. Beginning August 1, Wells Fargo’s service will allow its customers to send funds in real-time at no cost to any customer of a bank that participates in the real-time service, which operates on Early Warning’s clearXchange™ network. Wells Fargo customers can already receive real-time payments at no cost from customers at any bank participating in the network.

Ian Youngman

Ian Youngman is a writer and researcher specialising in insurance. He writes regularly for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and on-line services. He publishes a range of market reports and undertakes research for companies. He has London market management experience with brokers and insurers. 

Peer To Peer Insurer Lemonade Launches In New York

Lemonade, the US's first peer-to -peer insurance company, has been licensed as a full insurance carrier by New York State. NY homeowners and condo owners and renters can now get insured and settle claims instantly, anytime and from any device.

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